The Process of Making CBD Oil for Cancer

Are you suffering from cancer? You can’t afford to carry on with the long and costly chemotherapy process? Looking for an alternative treatment program that can be carried out along with chemotherapy session? You can then go for CBD oil for cancer option.


CBD oil is a psychoactive drug that is obtained from the Cannabis Sativa plant is basically a drug. Well, you would be glad to know that medical cannabis and cannabis is not the same thing. Basically, medical cannabis is used to treat cancer. The cannabinoid compound present in the oil is capable of starving the cancer cells from its food. Thereby, killing the cancer cells gradually.

CBD oil for cancer

Cannabis Oil: Process of Making the Oil

You might have come across numerous medical journals or blogs that states that cannabis oil is often obtained through the process of solvent extraction.  Though the process of obtaining the oil may seem to be very simple, it is not so. Numerous steps are involved in it. This blog will guide you with the process through which CBD oil for cancer treatment can be even made at ones home.

In order to make 60grams/ml of cannabis oil, one will need to work with 1 pound or even more amount of cannabis and 2 gallons of solvent. Care should be taken to use dry cannabis. For the solvent, it is basically advised to go for 99/100% Isopropyl alcohol. One should not use Coleman fuel or naphtha as their solvent.

  • In order to make the oil, the weed must be placed in a steel pot or food grade bucket. It should be moistened with chilled isopropyl alcohol and then should be crushed with a wooden spoon. Usually, 2 gallons of solvent should be used to remove the cannabinoids.
  • The crushing process for the CBD oil for cancer should be carried out several times. It would eventually squeeze out the cannabinoids like THC from the cannabis plant into the solvent.

    CBD oil cancer

  • Once the process is completed, the solvent-oil mix should be slowly poured into a clean container. Coffee filter can be used to discard any unwanted plant material. If more funnels are used then the process of filtering the solvent oil mix becomes fast.
  • It is important to boil and burn off the solvent at a right temperature. This can help to remove solvent and water, while keeping the cannabinoids intact. When the solvent is being boiled for making the CBD oil for cancer, you will get to hear crackling sound. You may notice bubbles also. While boiling, make sure the area is properly ventilated and a fan should take out the fumes outside.
  • After that the oil can be poured in a stainless steel container and place over gentle heating device. After certain time CO2 will get evaporated. Once the oil settles down, it is ready to use.


The quality of the oil may vary from one strain to another strain of cannabis. So in case the color of your oil is dark brown or golden in color, don’t need to freak out. You can easily use the CBD oil for cancer treatment.